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Club Meeting Highlights August 21, 2016     Voted in favor to add the option for just a table at the craft shows for $45.     Voted for no booth fee increase and change 1 chair per table instead of 2 chairs.      Voted to increase the table fee to $5 and the chair fee to $1 effective December show.           Voted to add a request for donations for advertising to be included with the end of the show envelopes.           Voted in favor of keeping the meeting at the same time and location.            Voted in favor of keeping the May 2017 Show and voted in favor of keeping it a 2 day show.              Voted in favor of adding a Paper and Plastic Benefit Drive for the Family Shelter starting in December 2016.            Started the review process for the changes to the By Laws - Tabled to be continued in October.   Click Here - Proposed New By Laws   Next Meeting:  October 16, 2016 at 2:30 Location:  St. Paul Presbyterian Church 11 N. Park Street, San Angelo, TX 76901